Universal premium-class polymer "Laprolin Extra Rus pH 14"

This is a new generation of an innovative, non-combustible, anticorrosive, polymeric material designed to protect against corrosion and destruction of surfaces of various metals, concrete, brick, wooden structures and substrates in contact with an aggressive environment from pH 0 to pH 14, in a wide temperature range (from - 70`C to + 190`C) and a wide range of humidity (from 25 to 85%). It forms a water and gas impermeable protective film with the highest degree of adhesion, resistant to abrasion, with a thickness of 35-40 microns, in the dry residue in one layer, at a gap of 65 MPa, a stretch of 2 mm. It is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. It is also used as concrete waterproofing and to eliminate leaks in concrete substrates.

Laprolin Extra Rus pH 14 has proved its efficiency as a protective and wear-resistant coating of concrete floors, known as industrial or polymer floors, resistant to recurrent abrasion and any aggressive environment, from alkaline to acidic. In combination with dry dispersed materials, it is used as a repair composition for the restoration of concrete surfaces.